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A weekend that is consumed with such a high level of partying and excess that it is most certainly lost to memory and in some strange away even to serious consequences. Lost weekends are generally positive on the whole, although they often include elements of close calls, extreme emotion, physical pain and over doing it. Lost Weekends are typically on calendar weekends, when the release from workaday restraints serves to further fuel a two- to three-day period of debauchery.
Joe: Hey man, remember that time we went up to that festival and brought all those shrooms? Bob: Damn, yeah, wow...it's pretty fogging. Talk about a Lost Weekend.

Or, looking ahead:

Are you headed to Trent's wedding in October? With the combination of stout lads and heavy drinks on that guest list, it's sure to be a Lost Weekend.
by Salvatorparadise August 27, 2013

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