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1. Loading up a car with snacks, coffee, soft drinks, and a guitar in the daylight hours then driving said car to an ocean-adjacent tourist-filled city in the effort of finding a woman to have sexual relations with. There must be at least 3 people in the car at all times, with the person in the backseat playing the guitar at some point in the hunt. Also, the city that you travel to has to be at least an hour away from the city you live in.

See also Trim Swimming.
1. "I've got nothing to do today, you want to go to the mall/beach/Sodom & Gomorrah?"

"Fuck that, let's go on an All-American Cunt Hunt!"

"I'll bring the guitar."
by Sallywhacker January 30, 2010

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1.Driving around your hometown with a group of guys in the middle of winter in hopes that one will find a large group of women who have no goals other than pleasing said guys with their mouths and or other sexual holes. Usually doesn't result in any type of copulation, unless two of the men in the car are gay, or one man is gay and much stronger than the others.

2. Literally swimming in a woman's vagina, or a pool full of disembodied snatch.
1. "It's 2:30 in the morning, on a Tuesday in December in Myrtle Beach. What the hell is there to do?"

"Let's go trim swimming"

2. "Last night I literally filled my pool up with trim and backstroked my way into hell."
by Sallywhacker January 30, 2010

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1. The time of night when a person or group of people get so drunk that they develop a thick Cockney accent. Usually occurs in white American males between the ages of 18 and 24.
1. Person #1- "Oi! Yeh sally fuckin' bastard! I'll fucking brain yeh!"

Person #2 " I'll fuckin' whip yeh arse, yeh uppity prick!"

Person #3 "What the fuck time is it?"


Person #3 "Gays."
by Sallywhacker January 30, 2010

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A very masculine, heterosexual man. A man who eats glass corn flakes with a side of galvanized steel. A man who breaks heads over beer bottles. A man who, when fixes his gaze upon a person, said person instantaneously gives birth, whether male or female. Not to be confused with sally, tallywhacker, or queer motherfucker.
"You sallywhacker, you knocked up my sister! Wear these glasses, asshole, and stop eye-fucking my family members."
by Sallywhacker January 30, 2010

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