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A beautful city, that has a town feel, though town people will not agree. It has beautiful parks, amazing white sand beaches and islands, the outback on it's doorstep, forests and caves south of it. It's basically an outdoor enthusiasts dream city, still caters for those wanting a city lifestyle. The most isolated city in the world, however many Perth people won't complain about this as they like the uniqueness and being set apart and no rivalry, Perth people like to love other all of Australia. There's no Sydney vs. Melbourne similarities. Concerts and entertainment are enjoyed. The sunset coast is located in Perth and is stunning! The weather is great and sunny. While other cities might assume Perth as boring, most likely they haven't been or don't know how to enjoy outdoor fun. Skydiving, sandboarding, surfing, hiking, yachts, cayaks, camping, shopping, eating out are some my fave things to do. Funnily enough most wouldn't realise that Perth has the most restaurants per capita (per head) in the world than any other city. It's also the 2nd windiest city in the world, not saying it's always full blown, but in general year round, perfect for windsurfers. It has 80 kilometres of white beaches, blue water beaches. It is home to Kings Park, the biggest inner-city park in the world, most would just presume Central Park, NYC. In 2010 Perth will be home to an indoor skiing complex as we do not have snow on this side of Australia and it's known that Perth people love their activities. Another interesting fact (which suprised me) is that Perth and Perth (shire) surrounds is the size of the country of Ireland, funny tho that we have only 1.5 million people in our city. So if you can guess, we're pretty spread out. Perth people love to travel, on my travels I have bumped into many people in Perth but one thing I find, they all consider Perth home and return back, which is what I have done many times. As we are so isolated we love to explore I guess.

Come visit! Find the right people to show you around and the most fun things to do! If you're a real big city person (like a New York lover, Tokyo, Sydney etc.) then Perth may not be your cup of tea, but check it out you may find you'll change!
I've lived in other places temporarily..and Perth is my favourite place in the world! I wouldn't live anywhere else.

I love Perth to pieces! While I love other cities and appreciate all the world has to offer, I definetely came to realise that I grew up on the best place on Earth and I'm so thankful!

by Sally86 November 15, 2007

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