a northshore town in long island, NY. having an active school district and great resturaunts.
although Kings Park has no fast food resuraunts, it is home to great restraunts such as the old dock inn on its bluff, and martino's italian resturaunt in KP plaza. it is also home to the nissequogue river, where people can often be found canoeing down all year long.
by KP will s September 23, 2006
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the best place to live ever, located on the north shore of long island, in Ny... has some of that classic small town charm and is clearly the best of the township of smithtown...
yo! wanna check out commack?
nah..its sucks..lets go to Kings Park instead!
by KPchickadee April 3, 2009
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Long island town, part of Smithtown township. The poor part of Smithtown, they think they are important and are stupid ignorant people who need to check themselves.
Hey want to go to Kings Park?
by fo shizzz October 23, 2007
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A bunch of fags with backwards hats rolled up pants, and kings sweaters. These men get so much pussy for playing Kings and they are very talented at the game of hockey as they play AA or AAA hockey most of the Kings players have a bad rep but that doesn’t stop them from the amount of pussy they get.
Girl #1 oh wow you play Sherwood Park Kings?!
Kings boi#1 ya
Girl #1 *proceeds to suck dick*
by Tittykiller69 November 27, 2018
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A sarcastic term to describe a male youth who is a little tp arrogant.
Tell the King of Bacci Park turn his radio down.
by Joe Iron August 11, 2007
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