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Unreliable, bulky, slow, stupid, spyware admitting, self centered virus disguised as an ISP that is own3d by Firefox with a DSL line.
me: This Sucks! i'm getting a third party DSL line and firefox
aol fuckwad: We have aol for broadband, it would work with dsl
me: but you dont take it in the ass from Firefox, Faggot!
aol fuckwad: but we only cost and arm and a leg!
me: what part of "fuck off and die you stupid piece of shit" dont you understand!
by Salem March 24, 2005

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A guy who has sex with anything with boobs
YOU WERE WITH HER?!?! thats such a mike thing to do! (literally)
by salem April 24, 2003

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Indistinct verbal response to a statement, expressing indifference or confusion. Similar to meh, but used in response to a statement instead of a question.
Person 1: "Hey, I went to the mall and bought 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants!"
Person 2: "Augaduga"
by Salem March 24, 2005

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Basic areobatic maneuver, used to shake an enemy from your tail. You corkscrew in the sky and lose airspeed, and your enemy flies right by you.

To perform a barrel roll, bank sharply left or right, and gently pull back on the stick to maintain the roll. Hold sideways pressure on the stick as you roll inverted, then center it when you return to level flight.

During this move, the stick is essentially in the Left or right rear corner of the cockpit. The nose will draw a circle on the horlizon, instaed of rotating on a point. If you do a barrel roll perfectly, you won't lose any altitude
These people who say to perform a barrel roll by pushing buttons don't know how to fly worth shit and I would own them in any aerial combat game.
by Salem March 31, 2005

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