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The type of person who drinks boxed wine all the time, especially straight into the mouth from the box....because wine's fucking classy.
Look at Meagan and Mer at the creek with that box of franzia! That's classy as fuck!
by SaiyanPrincess December 22, 2011

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1. funny and goofy...hilarious

2. fun

3. funny looking, or crazy in a way that makes you laugh.
1. that guy was fluhnd!!! I was rolling on the floor laughing at his joke!

2. this game is FLUHND!!!

3. OMG that girl's hair is sooooo fluhnd!!!! Can you believe she's wearing it like that??
by SaiyanPrincess April 09, 2007

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A nasty female, especially one with a loud shit talking mouth, that will pretty much fuck anything. A nuthatch probably won't care what you do to her because there's a good chance she's on something. Nuthatches like to hang out in trailer parks, bars, strip clubs, walmart, and the liquor store. They can usually be found with some dillhole or another and/or in jail.
Look over there at that nasty nuthatch bitch looking at my man...good luck I can smell her rotten cooter from here!
by SaiyanPrincess January 21, 2015

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