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Laughing at you
Make no mistake, i'm not laughing 'with' you, I'm laughing 'at' you.

Person 1: aye, me and her had sex and it took me 2 minutes.
Person 2: l@u
by SagedaKing February 04, 2010

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v. n. A spy, a mole, undercover, infiltrator.., an individual hired to preform a service against an organization, sometimes may be referred to as a snitch.,
Metaphorical of how a kite can reach certain distances much easier than the one holding the string
Don't trust him, he's a kite...
Sent the kytes in with the chirp...
I kite for a living...
They planned a terrorist attack, but their was a kite in their organization.
The police hired a crackhead to be a kite in the crackfactory(New J City)
by SagedaKing December 06, 2009

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