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A person who is self obsessed with their prowess and ability to make things great. They attempt to gain higher allowances and pay rates based solely on their ability to sell themselves as legends or titans in their specific industry. They normally take smoke/alcohol/drug breaks every 10-15 minutes and get aggravated easily when you approach them to do more work.

They typically work in places that pay little to no money, and survive on $30.00 paychecks every week combined with welfare because they don't report their working status. They have been known to roam the streets until they are allowed into an air conditioned/heated building at which time they start pretending to work. They drink coffee, eat whatever food they come across and generally make messes which they never intend to clean up.

They often have been noted to hang out is dicey bars, or casinos during their lunch breaks spending what little money they earn or extort they spend on sex, drugs and gambling. They work at a place until the company stops paying them, and then they continue the cycle at another company.
That derelict cost me money, stole my lunch and still expects his paycheck next week?
by Sabaku August 06, 2010
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