10 definitions by SPEeD

1. The most 1337 moderator on the Codename Forums.

2. A person who msot people die after looking at, becasue of his amazing power.

3. The ruler of Codename: Forums

Derived from the English words sexy, smart, powerful and cool

See: smart
See: Canadian
See: powerful
See: god-like
See: sexah
Leik OMFG Shifty is soo damn sexah!!!!!!1
Shifty saw meh, I think I'm gonna die!!!!1
by Speed July 20, 2004
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Has as much respect as God

See: shifty
Shifty is god-like
Shifty is like a god
by Speed July 20, 2004
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Sorry Police Everyones Dead. (Its an acronym). Its a cult of psychopaths in the Amherst area of New York. They enjoy reaking havoc on locals, and graffieting everything in sight.
Guy 1: Dude, my liscene plate is gone!
Guy 2: Mustve been that SPEeD
by SPEeD November 28, 2003
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