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Fare dodgers' transport of choice in London. Replaced the legendary Routemaster which was faster, safer for cyclists & pedestrians, cheaper to buy & run, more fun, an icon for London etc etc. Nice one Ken!!
Jesus that bendy bus has squashed that cyclist
The effing bendy bus has got stuck and clogged up Islington
by SLJ December 09, 2006
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One of the worst lead singers in a band besides Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Bert McCracken looks like he smells.I wouldn't be surprised if he did. He is the lead singer for one of the worst bands in the world,The Used. The dude is on so much drugs that he can't sit down and be interviewed like a normal person should be.

There is rumors that Bert and Gerard had or are in a relationship. Neither one of them have denyed it.
Some random girl-ISN'T BERT McCRACKEN A SEXY BEAST!!!!!11111

Me-He is about as sexy as a piece of shit.
by SLJ March 29, 2006
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One of the worst bands out of New Jersey. Their lead singer, Gerard can't sing live to save to safe his own worthless life. Mikey the bassist can't play bass and he is ugly. They just put him in the band because they felt sorry for him. Frank their guitarist compensates for his horrible playing by falling all over the place and acting like a bat out of hell on stage. Bob their drummer should of never joined the band. He should of kept his day job. And Ray their lead guitarist should leave the band and make a new one. He is the only one who has talent in the band. No wonder their orginal drummer left the band.

Their are rumors that some people in the band are gay. The band denies it. If people are constanly questioning their sexuality, they must be doing something wrong.

Their lead singer Gerard had a drinking problem and he wanted to kill himself. He should of taken his life and did the the world a HUGE favor.
Some dumb ass fan-MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!11111111

A person with real music taste-Their goes another person MCR has brain- washed with their awful music.WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!
by SLJ March 29, 2006
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Kids who have been brain-washed to listen to this band. They think they are the luckyist fans in the world. See what MCR's music has done to them? Their girl fans think Gerard is hot. Since when does a dead body look good?

Me-Great, like this world needs more Emo kids on it.
by SLJ March 29, 2006
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