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The piece of fat that hangs over the tops of girls jeans when they have been inhaling too many pies (or beers) and shoe-horning themselves into their hipster jeans that they purchased 4 years before. Also known as fatty mall hangers
Sid: "Hey Paul, check out the muffin tops on her"
Paul "Oh shit, that puts me off more than your Organzola
by Sid October 12, 2004

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A state of mind in which you think up ridiculous ideas which at the time seem to make perfect sense but upon review at a later time are revealed as complete nonsense and are usually quite humoress. This can be be attributed to drug use, lack of sleep, or any similar effects.
My mind was a total Wasteland when I wrote down: "The monkeys, ARE TALKING!"
by Sid August 08, 2003

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mature cock cheeze found under the foreskin
the 2 day old organzola was starting to go off...
by sid April 29, 2003

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The art of leaving a social event in the midst of fun and games, and be dragged home by the testicles that your girlfriend has a firm grip of, then to say you shall be back in 1 hour precisely, only to never turn up at all.
"To do a chooky"

Chooky - "Back in an hour guys"
1 hour later...

Azmoden - "Where the f#$k is chooky?"
by sid January 14, 2004

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The most neat-o kazeet-o band ever! I luv u milo & simon! xoxo
"I camped out at the box office so that I could get front-rwo, center tix 4 Prozzak." (please note - they are no longer touring.)
by Sid August 17, 2003

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Stuck up, vain. Biotchness.
That bitch was actin all sudiddy!
by Sid March 02, 2005

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When someone snorts crack off of a penis.
"She did a white willy vacuum on that guy at the party"
by Sid April 08, 2005

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