4 definitions by SDP

(Noun) Traitorous planet destroyed for its support of the terrorist organisation known as the "Rebel Alliance"
Alderaan was destroyed this morning. Syria is next.
by SDP August 21, 2003
A good excuse for blaming nature (and subconsciously yourself) to cover your inadequacy our shortcomings. Unfortuneatly this falls flat as an excuse if you use it in the same time zone. Note this also can interchanged with "this is a different version to my Playstation Ice Hockey" or "my sight is misaligned"
I should have rolled 6 instead of 3 but couldn't because I have jetlag.. also the dice are broken.. ehh I think
by SDP August 19, 2003
Verb: (1) to fall from grace and lower one's image in the eyes of another,(2) too crap on about setting up touring production of "Withnail and I", (3) to wear blue daks and spell Michael with a capital "V" ie "My name is Vichael Caine"
Noun: House of ill repute that features heavily in a book about dice cricket. that has still to be written
He has certainly plummmted in my eyes

You guys plummmet on and on about graham's constipated goldfish!

Oh I just plummeted my best pair of royal blue duds .. VICHAEL CAINE
by SDP August 20, 2003