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Noun. A large bowel movement that piles in the toilet in a great mound. Often times one flush is not enough to rid the toilet of this massive monster.
Later he will quite possibly regret that second helping of chili when he is dropping a dino dump into the porcelain god.
by S.BOB September 22, 2010

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Verb. To make lame, completely sucking all cool out of a situation.
Dude, inviting your mom to the party will totally decoolify the situation.

Man, you totally decoolify my wittiness when you don't get jokes. You need to learn to appreciate sarcasm.
by S.BOB September 29, 2010

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Noun. A very large cock, so large in fact that they are rare and can be dangerous.
She watched as the wall of flesh sprung from its denim prison. All she could think was I hope he doesn't expect me to deep throat that.
by S.BOB September 22, 2010

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