5 definitions by Ryanblox

When you're obsessed with Pepto-Bismol. When you just fuckin love Pepto-Bismol, and you just cant stop drinking it.
Person 1 "You ever just wanna slather yourself with Pepto-Bismol?"
Person 2 "What.The. Actual.Fuck. is wrong with you?"
Person 1 "I feel like it would just feel so good"
Person 2 "What do you do after? walk around the streets looking like an aborted Teletubby"?
Person 1 "I would just fuckin' .........ya know"
Person 2 "you're a fucking Peptomaniac"
by Ryanblox March 25, 2021
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Said when you give up halfway through a conversation or argument, or you don't know what you're gonna say. commonly followed by "Goddammit" or "ya know?"
Person 1"why did you eat shit last night on siege?"
Person 2"I was just fuckin'...... ya know...."
Person 1 (mockingly)" just fuckin being a stupid little bitch"
Person 2 "Eat shit you fucking dip-ass"
by Ryanblox March 22, 2021
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A combination of the words Scrotum and Ripper. Used when referring to someone or somethings that rips of your scrotum.
Person 2: Holy fuck lets get out of here, that guys a fucking Scripper.
by Ryanblox April 20, 2021
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When you know youre so utterly fucked in a strategy game, you dont even move your units in utter defeat, and watch your units get slaughtered.
Player: Holy shit...I literally cant do anything to stop this.
Opponent: he knows hes fucked, looks like hes gone into a Dead Mans Stand
by Ryanblox September 23, 2020
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Why the fuck do the British say "min instead of "man" stupidest bullshit ever
"Oi chap good one to ya, pop down to the shops late'r and buy some poke-min cards mate. right on cheerio"
by Ryanblox November 12, 2020
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