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Jihad literally means "to struggle." In the military sense it is meant in the context, "to struggle against oppression." Jihad is therefore an act to liberate people from the oppression of tyrants. Jihad is not illegal acts of terror against innocent people.

When tabloid journalism and fanatic regimes mistakenly inform the masses that Jihad is "to commit illegal acts of terror," they are revealing their ignorance, the lack of their research, and the extent of their unprofessional & deceitful approach to the subject.
Many Muslums believe that there is a Jihad against the United States, Globalization, etc.
by Ryan McNamara November 25, 2003
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1. The movement in music characterized by:
a. Chromatic-scale guitar riffs
b. Cacophonic sound effects and guitar
c. Unusually low-tuned guitars
d. often a "singing" style with an emphasis not on melody, but on emotion (i.e. screaming, crying, etc) - often no "real singing" exists in the music
e. Focuses on the darker things in life

2. A derogatory term for any new music (Not necessarily metal - Linkin Park and Nickelback are *rock* bands, not metal) that is both popular and is not in ones personal taste and therefore "sucks."

3. A form of metal started in the eighties but remained underground while bands like Metallica and Anthrax dominated the popular metal scene. Then in the nineties bands like Korn and Limp Biscuit became popular and the music was labeled "nu metal."

4. Often an amalgamation of several styles of music, but dominated by metal. The most frequent style incorporated is rap.
Slipknot is intentionaly bad whereas most music is unintentionaly bad.
by Ryan McNamara November 20, 2003
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A band that plays metal (sort of like Slipknot, but not really), creepy music and there's (ugh) some rap mixed in it. Fronted by a woman, many of their songs are about creativity. Their debut album, "Sevas Tra", is "Art Saves" backwards.
Otep is:
1. An anagram for poet
2. Destroyer/Creator in the Alchemists Book "Mutus Liber" - key to the chemical wedding between the worlds of the seen & unseen
3. A Keltic Warrior from the Em Se, voice of psychotropic revelry
4. Egyptian (I think maybe it's ancient Egyptian)for "Creative Offerings"
Songs: My Confession, Battle Ready, Jonestown Tea
by Ryan McNamara November 25, 2003
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