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Having sexual intercourse with a female and then promptly abandoning her.
She was looking for a long-term relationship, I just wanted to rail her. Needless to say, I pulled the ole' tank and flank and snuck out the back when she was sleeping.
by Rusty & Joe July 28, 2011

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Code word for dick.
That chick was really into me last night, I gave her the demon siege and exploded on her face. I don't think she'll ask for it again, if you know what I mean.
by Rusty & Joe August 06, 2011

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The act of getting belligerently drunk within 30 minutes after the first drink.
"Dude, it took her 12 minutes to go from sober to completely smashed. This girl knows how to get hammy tammed."
by Rusty & Joe August 19, 2011

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