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A belittling or uncomplimentary name given to someone who is not necessarily a communist but is understanding of communism and communists, and this person may support socialism. For some people Communism is associated with the color red, and pink, a lighter shade of red, could stand for the lighter shade, form, or type of communism, being socialism.
Dan said to Dave "Yeah, I don't have a problem with Stalin, I'd have supported him." "WHAT!?!?!?!" said Dave, "I'm all for being controlled by a totalitarian government, and having no economical classes, you know, everyone being equal?", "Dude, FUCK that shit and FUCK you,I'm gonna start callin you Pinko." said Dave. "What's wrong with communism?", said Dan, "Shut the hell up Pinko!", said Dave.
by Rusty Shacklefurd November 20, 2007

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When a male commences in the act of sitting on top of his own hands until they become numb and fall asleep. Then he starts to masturbate, and because his hands are asleep it feels like a "stranger" that is quite "lazy."
Dude guess what i did last night


i gave myself a lazy stranger

a "lazy stranger?"

yeah, its when you sit on yourhands till they fall asleep and then you jerk off with it!

dude! you fag!

No dude trust me,its cool, dont worry about it,c'mon trust me.
by Rusty Shacklefurd May 21, 2008

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When A is making fun of B in front of everyone, and C, who's B's friend says "Hey, go pull the legs off a spider.", to A, C is telling A to find something better to do with their time than to make fun and laugh at C.

B is the one being laughed at by A.
C, in saying this to A, is doing several things at the same time.
Showing strong support for B.
Showing clearly that A's laughter is entirely inappropriate.
Also saying that A is the type of person who'd enjoy ruthlessly pulling the legs off a spider, is not only a bully but also acts like a child.
"Hey Dave are you a total fag or something?", said Dan, as everyone in the room was laughing at Dave, including Dan. Then Dale, sticking up for Dave, said to Dan, "Hey, go pull the legs off a spider." Then Dan felling small and belittled stopped making fun of Dave.
by Rusty Shacklefurd November 19, 2007

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