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A channel that shows allot of rap videos resulting in pampered little dumbasses who live in rich little neighborhoods, who shout "G G G G-Unit" and think that by sagging their pants and driving a nice car that their parents bought them on their 16th birthday will result in them being gangsta and that getting shot will result in a multi million dollar contract.
Poser 1: "Yo fool you saw that new 50 cent and The Game video on BET? In it 50 drives the same car that my parents bought me bro! Man I'm as OG as can be, you heard?"
Poser 2: "Yea Yea, on the real. And Im like Lloyd Banks, Im so fly, Biatch!"
Poser 1: "G G G G-unit!"
Poser 2: "Word."
by Ruslan February 07, 2005

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Deran Hill smells like metal, pennies, and sweat. Former beau to Yuri. Thinks he is friends with Dmitriy. Listen to mostly punk but he likes the Blood Brothers.
Deran: Laura thinks she's more punk than me?? I'm gonna get a mohawk, die it orange, and get a leather jacket!!!
by Ruslan January 30, 2005

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A bullet that you can shoot someone in the foot and its gonna wind up coming through their spine. Shoot somone in the stomach and it will swirl around in a sircle for a while. Nasty stuff.
"Dude got shot in his arm, fuckin hollow traveled throughout his heart man."
by Ruslan February 07, 2005

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