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Twink Nation is a group of skinny white little pecker heads who go to the gym wearing Tapout shirts and think there tough shit. While out of the gym they wear there white polo hats backwards and tight Holister shirts. They always travel in packs and arnt afraid to show there gay affection towards each other. They do nothing but talk shit till there called out. Once called out, the twink cowers like a little bitch. Also the only girl a twink could ever get is a straight up Floozy.
since when does "twink nation" think they run shit in this gym?
by Rugged Jtann July 12, 2009
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The Twink Wink is when a skinny lil douche bag in a polo hat and Holister shirt intoxicates women in order to up his chances of landing a floozy. Then once the bitch is intoxicated... the twink busts out his lack of game and trys hitting on the whore. the twink may pull off the WINK or lick his lips in a Kobe Bryant fashion. an yet... the twink will ultimately still get denied.
watch this douche try an pull off the twink wink on this chick..
by Rugged Jtann July 24, 2009
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