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A person that is over good looking
E.G That boy is peng!!!!
by Rudeness August 08, 2005
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Some ting or some one that is good looking
e.g That girl is nuff buff.
e.g Dem crepz are buff
by Rudeness August 08, 2005
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One of those stupid wanna-be rap guys that usually wears a bigass chain on his neck and a huge stolen diamond earing. Wears button up shirts with a sqaure pattern, usually the same color as his gang.

Wears big ass hoola-hoop earings a bigass chain around their neck (their boyfriends) hair in a bun and thing cockaroach bangs jelled to their face. dark lip liner. I hear they like nelly.
"Damn those fuckin' chuks suck man why do they say 'thurr'"?
by rudeness November 19, 2003
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