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Making out with the risk of getting caught; ever so carefully listening for even the slightest sound that may be another person that may walk in on the action, in order to keep make out sessions secret.
Guy1: Dude, i heard you went over to that really hot chick from chemistry class' house last night to watch a movie, how did it go?

Guy2: Yea we were lying next to each-other on the couch and she was looking foiiiine!, then one thing led to another and we had a full fledged make-out sesh, I didn;t get the full enjoyment I wanted from it though because her parents were coming home soon after we started so i had to keep Watching the Chicken Run
by Rubiks Juggler September 3, 2010
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When a relationship partner is trying to pull a move on you but your busy doing something else, yet they insist upon showing their affection.
Girl1: Hey I heard you had Rogan over to watch a movie the other day, he's so hot, how did it go?

Girl2: It went pretty good, we watched that new movie everybody is talking about!, I didn't get to see like half the movie because Rogan kept trying to make-out with me, I didn't mind though :)

Girl1: yea, totally a watching the news situation for sure aye XD!
by Rubiks Juggler September 3, 2010
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When something is so awesomely done that even if it would normally be lame, it is highly entertaining and or impressive.
Jeez Steve you stack those books like its nobody's business!, it's totally radical cabbage.
by Rubiks Juggler July 22, 2010
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