When a relationship partner is trying to pull a move on you but your busy doing something else, yet they insist upon showing their affection.
Girl1: Hey I heard you had Rogan over to watch a movie the other day, he's so hot, how did it go?

Girl2: It went pretty good, we watched that new movie everybody is talking about!, I didn't get to see like half the movie because Rogan kept trying to make-out with me, I didn't mind though :)

Girl1: yea, totally a watching the news situation for sure aye XD!
by Rubiks Juggler September 3, 2010
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the cover up story for watching pornographic material on the internet.
Mike: so what have you been up too today?

Joe: not much really, watched the news this morning.

Mike: sick

Rufus: I love watching the news
by mickymickymouse February 23, 2011
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