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"Ellet, Ohio" -- A close-knit, mostly white, semi-isolationist, middle-class, and rather earthy suburban enclave believed to be located at the southeastern boundary of Akron, though the actual side of which remains in dispute. Founded in 1918 as a spin-off of Springfield Township, Ellet was to be an independent community, but was totally overwhelmed by the population influx initiated by Akron's booming Rubber Industry during the 1920s. As an unincorporated community that could not meet demand for city services, Ellet sought a rather unconventional move for a suburb -- annexation to the rapidly urbanizing city of Akron, which took place in 1929.

Although present day Ellet is technically a part of Akron, it continues to rather jealously guard its identity and small-town suburban character, and as a result bears little resemblance to any other part of the eastern side of town, and even most other area suburbs. Ellet has been more successful than much of the rest of suburbia at fending off numerous attempted invasions by McMansion developers and strip mall retail (please see the "Montrose Effect"), though it has lost several decisive McMansion development battles in recent years to Akron developer and millionaire tycoon David Brennan.

"Downtown" Ellet is the stretch of Ellet's "main street," Canton Road, which consists of the Eastgate Plaza and a number of nearby buildings which feature banks, stores, eateries, insurance agencies and law offices. The real pride and heart of the community, however, may be Ellet High School, which, despite being a part of the bealeaguerd-yet-resillient Akron Public Schools system, has managed to retain a strong and unwavering tradition of academic and athletic excellence. Ellet High School's mascot is the Orangeman, believed to have been inspired by Syracuse. It's official colors are Orange and White, although Blue has seen an increase in both use and popularity in the school and around the community in recent years.

Ellet is home of the Ellet Athletic Association, recognized as one of the most successful in the state of Ohio. In addition, it is the home of the Akron Fulton Municipal Airport, the former Goodyear Aerospace Airdock where Goodear Rubber and Tire Co. once constructed and launched its' blimps, the Rubber Bowl football stadium, and Derby Downs, home of the Akron Soap Box Derby.
It's Ellet. You can smell it.
by Rubber J March 29, 2006

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The Montrose, Akron, Ohio variation of what happens when a Taco Bell or similar low grade chain restaurant appears on empty farmland, immediately followed by dozens of additional chain restaurants and poorly planned strip malls. The result is a traffic clusterfuck on top of a social black hole, on top of an environmental disaster, known in any other place as suburban sprawl.
In every city I visit, there is at least one stretch of highway full of big box stores and crappy chain restaurants--a sure sign that the Montrose Effect has taken place.
by Rubber J July 26, 2010

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