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When an otherwise ladylike female subtly lifts one cheek in order to decompress air from her derrière. A skillful practitioner will couple this art with conversation or laughter as to dissuade any suspicion should the tuft of air carry an unpleasant odor.
George: Did somebody just fart?
Nancy: I think Rebecca pulled a sly goose.
by Rozu April 15, 2011

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The mystic force driving the outlier instance of e-dating wherein a functional and socially acceptable relationship moves successfully beyond text/video chat to real life (IRL) and is no longer in an imaginary, electronic world. Such an occurrence is so rare that a divine force must be at work, regarded as an electronic variation of destiny.
Things really seem to be heating up between Kold911 and Alaire369, that's their third e-date this week! Could it be...eDestiny?
by Rozu December 09, 2011

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Contrast is what unattractive people with light to medium skin tones use to overexpose their photographs into a somewhat alien-like being that is so ambiguous that it might be hot. There is usually a large, vague blast of light where there would normally be a nose on an actual human being.

Contrast is a form of visual trickery online similar to a FGAS. It can hide a sizeable nose, unattractive bone structure, acne, copious amounts of unwanted facial hair and pretty much anything. Be weary of the glowing siren on your internet message chat session, for underneath the heavenly glow a beast may lurk.
Bro1: Yo bro, check out this chick I met on mybook. She's kind of hot right?
Bro2: I dunno bro, looks like underneath all that contrast she might be sasquatch.

Bro1: But bro, underneath all that photoshop vanity might be a sweet, intelligent angel to kindle my heart.
Bro2: Too true bro, too true.
by Rozu February 02, 2012

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