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Selfish, inconsiderate, shallow creatures that have no idea how to keep their genitals in their pants. They think that the world revolves around their penis, and will basically have sex with anything in a skirt. Also extremely stupid and gullible, men idolise (and masturbate over) slutty models / porn stars / actresses, thinking that these ''beautiful'' women look like that naturally. They go on about how (insert celebrity name here) is ''so bangable,'' etc not knowing this woman is probably a hideous bag of lumpy skin underneath all that airbrushing and caked off makeup, which you could only take off with a powerdrill.
Q: What do you call men that's lost 99% of their intelligence?

A: Divorced.
by Rozalyn September 22, 2006
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Something that pathetic, ugly little boys like to call non-ugly girls who say no to their sexual advances.
Boy: ''Hey, wanna fuck?''

Girl: ''No thanks.''

Boy: ''Fuck you then, you're ugly anyway!!!''

Girl: ''If I was that ugly your desperate ass wouldn't be asking me to fuck, retarded male.''
by Rozalyn November 12, 2006
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A drink that tastes like shit, yet people will drink alcohol in a pathetic attempt to make themselves appear big and clever, and to fit in with their idiotic friends who also love getting ''wasted.'' In reality, it just makes you look common.
Idiot: ''I got so wasted on alcohol last night...'' (In other words - ''I'm so big and clever!'')

Smart person: ''Common twat.''
by Rozalyn September 27, 2006
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