5 definitions by Roxy Starr

A Pokemon fuck is another way of saying for friendcest.
As in 'Gotta catch 'em all'
Inherently to sleep with more than one person in your friendship group, especially to actively try to have them all.
'Mate, i think this weekend is bordering on a pokemon fuck up'
'its ok. everyone does it. its just that nobody talks about it.'
by Roxy Starr February 10, 2006
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'YAY! its b'acne day! and to think i was going to wear that lovely back less number. polo neck it is then...i love summer.'
by Roxy Starr December 15, 2005
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Those people that are so pleasingly distasteful style wise they are effing mint.
You know, those kids that you cuss when you are out then secretly steal their style 3 months later when all the bands are doing it.
'his girl is so melodramatic..did you see how she dresses...wtf?'
"yeah she's a kitsch-bitch'
"a what now?
"shut up you'll be wearing her style in 3 months'
by Roxy Starr February 10, 2006
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The phenomena that an person of average attractiveness suddenly takes on a presense of unattainable beauty, due to there stage presence.
"Jody's boyfriend isn't what you call attractive is he?"
"Nah, but he has a certain Stage-Pretty presence"
by Roxy Starr January 11, 2006
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Someone who is either fucked up mentally through drugs or someone who actively gets fucked up on drugs, drink, cheap sex and/or wild, bad times.
Also an affectionate term for your booze or binge buddies.
"Why wont you date him?"
- "His wreckhead lifestyle would drag me under."
by Roxy Starr February 10, 2006
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