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To be in such a spiral of anti-socialness, or depression, all you do is go to Blockbuster and rent a lot of movies. Symptoms also include an excess comsumption of ice cream or Chinese food.
"When was the last time you saw her?"
"I dont know, she's been so blockbustered since she and her boyfriend broke up"
by Rosemary Kath January 03, 2008

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A woman having extreme angsty, conceited, or just plain old backstabbing qualities.

Thunderbitching: having or expressing these qualities openly and consistently.
1: Did you talk to Suzanne today? She wont stop yelling at people.

Uh, I know, complete thunderbitch.

2: Look, I know you are having a bad day, but quit thunderbitching!
by rosemary kath January 28, 2008

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