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A combination of Remuneration and University. To study at Remuniversity means to study for a qualification or degree that will actually end up making you enough money to live above the poverty line.
Matty: Hey Chad, what degree are you studying?

Chad: Oh I'm doing a B.A., majoring in history and philosophy.

Matty: Oh harsh, no remuniversity for you eh?

Chad: Hey, I could always become a history of philosophy teacher!
by Rookie September 26, 2010
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Abbreviation for severe Headaches, usually associated with stress. Migrane.
I have such an MG I can not go to work today!
by Rookie January 27, 2004
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As above, however the origin of this saying is easy to trace. On the train line to the city in sydney, one of the last stops before the city is at a suburb called redfern. Thus, when you get off at redfern, you're exiting the train before getting to the main part, the city.

Has the same meaning as Abdominal Snowman
"Did you wear rubber?"

"Nah mate, just got off at redfern"
by Rookie February 14, 2005
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Like a holocaust, but louder...
loud- yell- yellocaust. Jeez, it's a joke!!!
by Rookie September 5, 2004
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