1 definition by Romzislit

This girl is the most amazing girl u can ever meet in your life, she is so funny and can make your laugh when ur upset, she is Tooooo kind and sooo caring, she sometimes struggles with opening up her feeling towards others but if she does she’s a keeper, she has a crazy side to her but is very fun to be around, she will probably be one of the prettiest girls u will ever meet And she may not believe it all the times u tell her, if u ever meet an asha never let her go because she is to precious to let her go,

Ps: She toooo bloody beautiful
Person 1: I think I’m in love with someone

Person 2: let me guess is it asha
Person 1: how did u know!
Person 2: because it’s asha how can u not be in love with her ,she just to amazing
by Romzislit September 14, 2019
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