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Australian Lads are a sub-culture dominant in the outer west region of Sydney in areas such as Bankstown, Canterbury, St Marys, Campbelltown, etc.

Lads can often be distinguished by the clothing they wear, stereotypically polo t-shirts, football shorts or tracksuit pants, caps tilted upwards and sports joggers. Some designer clothing and brand names, however, can be seen. Language and accents used by Lads are often used as distinguishing tools. Often accents are of Turkish, Lebanese ethnicity and words such as "eshays", "Braz" and "cuz" are frequently used.

Lads travel in packs, numbering 5 or more generally skinny 14- 26 year olds. They have pack mentality and are generally spineless. They will never combat a target if they number less than 3. Lads will often verbally provoke targets in areas such as train stations, shopping centers and trains. Provocative behavior is also used only when there is safety in numbers.

My personal opinion is that Lads are the scum of the earth and a pest. I provoke lads just to start fights and teach them a lesson. Spineless pricks never fight one on one but that just makes it more interesting.
Lad: " Oi cunt, your bitch has a nice rack, gonna spray my juice on it aye mutt!"

target: "Try it mate, guarantee I'll break your face."

Lad: " Braz what you think of that slut cross there?"

Lad2: " Banging body, eshays bro, face is dog but."
by Roidmuncher101 May 09, 2011
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