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A term used by most to describe anything unfortunate, undesirable, foolish, or non-stimulating.
Example 1:

Guy 1 - "Hey, did you see the race on sunday?"
Guy 2 - "Yeah, nobody crashed the entire time. Pretty gay."

Example 2:

Girl 1 - "How was your date with Joshua on Saturday?"
Girl 2 - "It was pretty gay. He didn't make a move on me the whole night."
by Rockaj1012 March 03, 2007

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Counter-part to the "goalie;" one who will purposely distract unnattractive cockblockers so his/her friend(s) can get laid, even if it means taking home the target cockblock.
Guy 1 - "Dude, that chicks smokin' hot, but her ugly fat friend's a serious cockblock. I need a monster."
Guy 2 - "...you owe me big time for this."
by Rockaj1012 March 03, 2007

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