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A person addicted to Jizz.
You're a Jizzjunkie.
by Robs April 13, 2004

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something thats gay or related
two guys shopping is fruities
by Robs September 13, 2004

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Another word for rapping. People sometimes call rapping spitting because sometimes a lot of saliva builds up in the mouth while rapping long verses. So even you are in front of someone it's okay if some of your spit comes out .
Tyrone: Yo man, why wont Sean rap for us?
Dwayne: he got some saliva in his mouth when he raps
Tyrone: Then let him start spitting
by RobS August 11, 2015

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A Van, usually White, with "scope" written on the side, that carries retarded people round cos they are too retarded to get there themselves
look.....a tard cart....full of retards
by Robs April 08, 2003

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