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While performing intercourse from the rear, be it anal or vaginal, the male will hock a snot ball up in his throat quietly. As he approaches orgasm he must pull out, secondly letting the spit ball land on the females back, making her think that he just got off. Then as she turns around the male must quickly jack off and spooge in her face to complete the maneuver correctly.
*HHHHHHHOOOOCCCCKKKKKK* oh. oh! OH. OH! MMMMMM YES BITCH YES! *spits* OH.....that was soo....*JACK OFF*....."HAHAHA BITCH! I just got you with the flying houdini!"
by Rob Rizzle August 07, 2006
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(n) A sexual manuver;

While still in foreplay, the giver must slap the reciever's ass silly num. As the giver enters, thier partner will be so num from the beating to thier posterier that they should not feel the penetration. This is called the alaskan icicle. If having vaginal intercourse, one may slap the vagina with the hand, leather belt, fly swatter, or similar to make it completely num. Intercourse will feel like fucking an icicle.
I got off in 2 minutes, but it took Green 45 minutes because he had to thaw out the alaskan icicle before he felt any of it.
by Rob Rizzle September 05, 2006
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