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When playing madden one of the teams are beating the opposing team by 21 points or more the game is called do to the 21 skunk rule. So no more time is wasted and the opposite player can still have a bit of dignity in the end.
1. 21 skunk biottttttcccchhhh!!!
2. I 21 skunked Jeff last night with the cowboys baby.

by Rob Nigga December 16, 2008

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One who jumps at the thought of catching jizz. Usually you would call a girl this if she's a WELL known smut around your school/neighborhood.
1.Yo did you see that jizz jumper look over when you said dick? That trick needs to simmer down thats my nickname.
2.Dat bitch needs to give me my money, out there trickin' on the corner all day and cant pay a pimp, dirty ass jizz jumper.
by Rob Nigga December 22, 2008

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When you show respect to your homeboys by lickin shots in the air. Usually at a grave sight or at the place where your boy was gunned down.
I was ridin' by the spot where my lil brother was burried, and all i could do was 21 salute, cannon to the sky.

Yo was that you 21 salutin' last night at da nigga Trae's grave sight?
by Rob Nigga December 16, 2008

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