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Tea dance, often abreviated as just "tea", is a term for "happy hour" used among men and women in the gay community. Not necessarily just one hour.

The term can also be qualified by Kight" and "low" to qualify the time of day it occurs. Low tea typically takes place earlier in the evening. High tea is later. And in some larger gay resorts, such as Fire Island, there is even mid-tea which takes place between the two.
On his way to the tea dance, Jason was very concerned that he would run into the troll he slept with the night before.

Steven always drinks too much at high tea. His friends are tired of watching him puke in the harbor.
by River1 September 02, 2007
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A red speedo or other tight red bathing suit.
Chas searched high and low to find the perfect gaywatch for his poolside weekend in Fire Island.
by River1 September 02, 2007
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