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The VAginal maJORITY. The majority of women. The majority of dikes, crazy soccer moms, and other men haters.
Guy 1: "I posted an awful comment on the internet and now the vajority wont leave me alone!

Guy 2: "Get a sex change."
by Rim Jobs May 28, 2008

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Number Cruncher - A girl who's idea of maths is seeing how many inches she can "crunch into any hole"
Jenny's crunched the numbers and her new best for Anal was 10 inches - number cruncher
by Rim jobs February 15, 2015

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A pussier version of punk music that always cries, bitches, and moans about how life in suberbia sucks so much. Somehow it became popular fad, leading to large populations of emo inhabiting our school systems.

Emos can be seen feeding off of bread and water(as most are vegans), wearing tight sriped cotton shirts, tight girls jeans ( all emos seem to be members of the vajority), sriped wool scarfs, and cutting themselves in the school bathrooms. Be waery of joining the emos, for once you become one, you can never go back. Just like a sex change, Coincidence?
Normal person: Thats a nice striped shirt you got there. What is it, an extra small?
Emo: I don't know, the tag only had woman sizes on it.
by Rim Jobs March 04, 2008

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a slang term or abreviation for Dark African nigger. Refers to person whose skin is extremly dark.
White guy 1: Holy fuck a black hole run!!!
white guy 2: No, that's just another dagger.
White guy 1: Then get him the fuck out of here before he steals my watch!
by Rim Jobs February 25, 2008

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