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The OG username of junior grimes (or should I say “darnell grimes”) a British-Spanish kid who is notorious for being a fuckboi that came into his destiny by breaking hearts and playing any girl that came his way.

Junior grimes first used snapchat for fun but then embraced his destiny as the forbidden one and went on thot patrol to eradicate said internet hoes as that’s what junior was meant to do in his spare time aside from the obvious.

First created in 2013, junior knew little that this little username would have such a huge impact on the internet and how it would hold so much history on his life. J grimes allowed this username to grow into its own and take over and now it’s up and active and answering DMs from insta thots and Snapchat hoes like there’s no tomorrow but of course this is juniors we’re talking about so no need to worry as he can handle anything thrown at him.

Jarrito96 is FOREVER imprinted as the username of junior grimes even though he rarely manages it anymore.

a young man who fell in love and got hurt and abandoned his Snapchat to start over again is one way of looking at this username, but what is the “new start”, that remains to be seen.

Make no mistake, junior grimes hides alot of history with this username and never shall they stop asking questions on what truly happened when he used to use this handle.

@jarrito96 (junior !)

He’s known now as J grimes (or “junifer morningsnout)
Snapchat: pick a username

Junior: *types* “jarrito96

Snapchat: *new account created*

History: *made*


Junior: I need to tell her the truth

Darnell: no

Junior: there’s no other way

Darnell: then this is the last time I help you

Junior: *opens up snapchat*

*enters username: jarrito96*

Darnell: ah fuck v

Junior: I am ready

Darnell: there’s no starting over now you know that right ?

Junior: I know

*sends snap to her*


Snapchat HQ: who’s the most iconic Snapchatter?

Jarrito96: come on, we all now that’s me

Snapchat HQ: alright you win

Jarrito96: there was NEVER a doubt in my mind


Jarrito96 is juniors iconic username for Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, etc


Guy 1; man I’m lOST, idk what username to pick

Guy 2: how about jarrito or something?

Guy 1: nah man that’s junior grimes name I can’t steal that

Guy 2: shit your right, yeah you better pick something else

Guy 1: ......


Junior Grimes ©
by Righteous skill September 7, 2021
multitalented rapper/rocker who’s possibly the most unpredictable, unconventional yet interesting artist that ever laid hands on the mic 🎤

Speaking multiple languages to rapping even in french and Spanish, J can play different instruments and a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated yet tired rap game

Thank god for J grimes!
J GRIMES is an australian-british musician who’s also an actor

J grimes IS THE FREAKING MAN!!!!!!!
by Righteous skill October 8, 2021
The criminally underrated yet justifiably unwanted kid who at this point deserves his own GTA game based off him and his life. he’s kind of a big deal, pretty boy but dangerous nonetheless.

a troublemaking yet innocent E boy, junifer is an internet persona and unknown artist who’s gimmick consists of being unpredictable and causing destruction everywhere he goes as well as doing favors for desperate people in exchange for money/and or sex.

Junifer morningsnout is from England yet sounds Australian and the fact that he can speak many languages is merely one of his many talents. From shooting his gun all over chicago to destroying peoples lives, it seems there’s not likely to be an end to juniors reign but he is known under many other names as well and notable for being honorable on his word if one holds him to it, he’s evil yet he’s good at the same time.

Junifer Morningsnout is a child who dares you to attack him as he’s a sadistic predator of pure malevolent masochism and rage.

Junifer Morningsnout © “defined”

Guy 1; I hate junifer morningsnout

Girl 1: omg your just jealous lmao

Guy 1: uh no, he’s just a douchebag anyway

Girl 1: idgaf he’s SO HOTT!

Guy 1: ugh


Junifer Morningsnout doesn’t get caught unless he allows himself to be.

To live like J , one must juniorize like the morning snout, you can’t love Junifer if you don’t love animals


Missy: junior you can’t leave

Junifer: I’m sorry, love, I must, without me there is no one to control all of wickedness in this world

Missy: ;:(

Junifer: hey, come here girl, *gives missy a necklace*

Missy: what’s this?

Junifer: I’ll be back for it, keep it safe

Missy: *falls head over heels for Junifer Morningsnout*
by Righteous skill September 8, 2021
Term given to junior grimes batman. the titular protagonist of “the batman jr grimes” where the arrogance and violent mentality drives this celebrity to don the cape and cowl and go after the real bad guys; drug dealers, human traffickers and mobsters

Batjune first was announced in early 2018 by everyone on Twitter after rumors circulated that a sort of batman “fanfic” was in the works but it’s apparent that The Batman jr grimes is something else entirely

Junior Grimes is a real life batman who is possibly the realest interpretation as he’s mentally ill and uses his tools and knowledge to violently destroy crime as well as metaphorically trying to save himself.

Batfleck if he had a son it’d be batjune

WB: your all too weak! No one can stop me, for your pathetic batmen are old and past their prime

Batfleck and Nolan batman: we can’t, but he can

*pointing at a flying shadow coming towards the WB executives*

Batjune: RRRRAAUGH!!!!! *kicks them all down a cliff

WB: *dies*

Batjune (junior Grimes)


Batjune is the portmanteau of junior grimes batman pretty much, no need to cause such confusion or chaos (which unsurprisingly is what old J would love to happen)


If there’s a violent and young merciless batman it’s DEFINITELY batjune, not even red hood competes


Defined . “Batjune”
by Righteous skill October 8, 2021