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A love match (the best ship ever!!!!) people are aaron and caroline or karoline.
What a grate couple.there ship name must be kaaron
by RightOn1234 May 8, 2018
Mostest, when someone calls mostest there is nothing that can beat Mostest so if they say tie they can not tie the person who called it wins. Only one person can call it the first to call it wins NO MATTER what.
Boy: love you
Girl: i love you mostest
Boy: no i do

After sometime....
Boy: lets call it a tie
Girl: there are no ties
Boy: dang it!
by RightOn1234 August 14, 2019
Is someone who has a brain the size of a micro bacteria, but only the viruses because they are half the size of a normal cell.
by RightOn1234 April 21, 2022