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The day after the company COVID vaccine mandates take effect and the company terminates everyone who has not provided their vaccine card.
My department lost 6 people during La Purga De COVID and now I have to work 2 hours of overtime every day. On the upside the office is much less divided.
by Rickapedia October 18, 2021
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An excercise where you drink 5 rum and cokes in 20 minutes.
Dude, I'm in training for the alcoholympics. I just did 40 minutes of bacardio. Do you wanna train with me tonight? The full workout is as follows: 5 sets/10 reps of 40 oz curls, 30 mins of bacardio, one toilet seat lid lift, 20 abdominal crunches, followed by 4-6 hours of planking. We'll be ready for the alcoholympics in no time.
by Rickapedia March 7, 2012
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