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A city in the North of England, roughly 7 miles West of Leeds, 40 miles east of Manchester, 60 miles east of Liverpool, 60 miles west of Hull, 160 miles north-north-west of Cambridge.

Bradford is home to a diverse community of people, which is evidenced in the range of cuisine available at the various eateries in the city. It is perhaps most noted for the many eateries selling cuisine from South Asia, although curry is by no means the only dish on the menu, as many restaurants exist in the district with a wide choice of food.

Bradford has a perhaps undeserved reputation amongst British citizens as a city of decline and misery, however, a visit or two to the many attractions of the city should soon put this misguided vision right.
Visit Bradford for weeks upon weeks of continuous family fun!
by Richard the Monster May 24, 2006
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The world's finest crisp, made in a factory in inner-city Bradford. Available in a variety of weird and wonderful flavours, until 2005 this was one of the few remaining British crisps to remain in plastic, as opposed to foil, packets. Seabrook Crisps tend to be crinkle- as opposed to straight-cut, although a straight-cut version is available for nancies.

Prior to the (unpopular) packaging change, Seabrook was known for its eccentric use of quotation marks (e.g. "More" than a "Snack) and the packets had a window, through which customers could check that the crisps were unbroken - proudly proclaiming the ability to "See" what you "Buy".
Gizza packet of Seabrook's S&V.
by Richard the Monster May 24, 2006
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