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The Nadsat slang for milk WITH LSD in it. Basically, a milkshake laced with powerful drugs.
The old moloko was something you could rely on to get high.
by Richard B. Riddick August 24, 2004

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The name of said band comes from Irish (or Celtic) "pogue mahone" which means "kiss my ass".
Pogue mahone means kiss my ass.
by Richard B. Riddick October 14, 2004

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Sometimes a LCD / TFT monitor will have one or more pixels that are not working. These will remain a certain color or be black or white, but won't display colors dinamically like the rest of the screen. There's nothing you can do about them yourself, but normally manufacturers will give you a refund.
The LCD screen has several dead pixels.
by Richard B. Riddick January 12, 2005

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Melee weapon consisting of a piece of brass cast in a shape similar to four soldered rings through which you introduce your fingers. It also has a handle, so that you can grab it properly and use it to punch someone.
Of course, you begin the game unarmed and will actually spend a considerable length of time fighting either unarmed or with hand-to-hand weapons, including various shivs, knuckle-dusters, and clubs.
by Richard B. Riddick August 23, 2004

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Reduce a vampire to ashes and dust (from the TV series "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer")
I dusted a couple vampires on my way home.
by Richard B. Riddick March 10, 2005

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