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really have to piss

have to "piss for real"
pizzle fo rizzle can I use yo shizzle?
by riki December 10, 2003

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Shy guy who is shy. He's a Miztezo(Half american and filipino). He thinks pnays r hotter then white girls. But white girls ok with him!
RiKi is a cool guy, but he's too shy!
by RiKi March 25, 2003

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She be a girl that lives in Canada. She has reddish brown hair and blue eyes. Her favourite color is pink and likes to do her make up. Sum ppl think she is an easy whore....but wat does she say to them....fuck off u cunt sleeze bag. She is usually quite a nice lil girl just dont piss her off. She loves you and wants to be ur friend. Kiss Kiss nite
"Wow that girl looks like riki!"
by Riki January 14, 2005

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