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A prize companion after achieving great success, money , power and respect. An educated and very attractive mate. Wife Material. Husband Material. A highly sought after woman or man. A conquest worth chasing. The type of mate you bring home to momma. A woman that most other women envy due to her beauty, brains and booty. An adored longterm girlfriend. Your support network. Someone that always holds you down. Someone that always has your back. The best companion in the room. A mate that is successful, loyal, committed and very ambitious. A mate that will take care of home. A mate that can handle his business in the bedroom and the boardroom. A faithful mate. A woman who is faithful til the end. The best mother and wife. Very, very attractive female with a great body and is very successful that men lust after. A successful, envied couple who has money, power , respect and more importantly a solid relationship built upon mutual respect, love , devotion , honesty and passion.
"I'm looking for Trophy Mates tonight." "Everyone of those ballers are Trophy Mates." "She's a Trophy Mate." "Let's head to this Harvard party to pull some Trophy Mates." "Girl, he's a physician and thats Trophy Mate material." "Who amongst us has Trophy Mates prowess?" "Trophy Mates...the world belongs to us!"
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Unparalleled fabulousness. The best that there is. Winning. Always on top. On point. Sexy. Visually stimulating. Sensual. Wealthy.
Much Power. Much Respect. Very high level of respect, love , admiration, adoration. No spending limit.
She's so trophylicious. Her game is all trophylicious. Its trophylicious. Trophyliciously yours. He treats her trophyliciously. My limit at the casino is Trophylicious.
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A boss player. A hustler. A down ass nigga . A street wise businessman. A saavy, successful entreprenuer whose game is tight. A highly sought after and desired male that enters a room and every woman's panties get wet just looking at him. A confident man who is strong. A winner despite the odds that the world has thrown at him, he always comes out on top. A genius who has the mindset to conquer nations, motivate others and move mountains.
"He's a Trophy Thug fo sho!" "Girl, we've gotta go, Trophy Thugs are going to be out at the club tonight!" "He reached the status of Trophy Thug after he became President of Jam Jam Records!" "He's got Trophy Thug potential."
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