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The best way to shop if you want to be kind to the Earth, save money, get awesome stuff and piss off giant retailers, who are charging you way too much. Shopping resale supports your local economy and let's you buy obscene amounts of goodies, which makes you a real American and happy too.
I buy all my clothing at trendy resale shops because I am smart and cool.
by Resale Fanatic December 21, 2011
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Totally amazing trendy fashion resale chain in Arizona where all the smart, cool people shop, sell and trade all kinds of groovy stuff to update their look. Know why? Because they want to look good and feel good, who the heck doesn't?! Men's, women's, and kids' styles too!
Twice As Nice is where I trade in my clothing, handbags, shoes and jewelry, get store credit or cash and shop like a maniac until I have a whole new wardrobe!
by Resale Fanatic December 21, 2011
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Shop Sell Trade is a business model in which a store gets its inventory by purchasing daily from its customers. It is the best way to provide an exciting and changing shopping selection. Shop Sell Trade resale shops help you fill your closet with expensive name brand clothing without forking over too much cash. SHOP the great deals after you TRADE the stuff you aren't wearing for store credit. Or....SELL your cool stuff for cash if you don't care about wearing those sweatpants a few more times (but, really, those sweatpants are ugly. Ditch them for some new ones. Jeeesh!) Twice As Nice is a popular Shop Sell Trade fashion chain.
"I always choose Shop Sell Trade stores for the best deals. They give me store credit to spend when I clean my closets!"
by Resale Fanatic December 27, 2011
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