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The right way to be. This is what you are or what you become if you really care about saving America. Conservatives care about the moral fabric of society, our children, family values, the influences and culture of society, education, healthcare, the defense of our nation, and so much more.
Most Republicans are conservative.
by Republican Warrior April 17, 2005

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A city that was once part of the Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy Empire. The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered here by a Serbian nationalist in 1914, and is one of major cause of the outbreak of World War I.
It was also here in the capital of Bosnia that the Serbian people have pushed out the Muslims many decades ago who have been hating them and oppressing them for centuries. Those towelheaded bastards aren't EVER going to be able to gain an official stronghold in Europe, and their definitely not going to have one in this city that produces some really beautiful girls.
Sarajevo is a pretty cool city. The Serbs are a strong people and there girls are gorgeous.
by Republican Warrior February 26, 2005

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A people that claim to stand up for America by slandering and bashing President George W. Bush, backing up foreign powers who don't agree with stopping terrorism and dictatorous regimes, attacking anyone who voted for Bush and voted YES on the Same-Sex Marriage Amendment, and judging people for not liking abortion.
In addition, some of them are strong advocates for gun control, are devout in their anti-war standings, and quite a few don't even care about our troops.
The lame-o-crats need to realize that they have the right to bitch about and bash all right-wingers because our boys and our girls are over there fighting the terrorists and other Muslim fanatics so they can have that right to bitch and bash!
by Republican Warrior February 17, 2005

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The greatest nation in the entire planet. Just because we have not passed laws and amendments promoting and legalizing every single thing, it doesn't mean our government is a fascist dictatorship. So we don't allow gay marriage and dangerous drugs like ecstacy or cocaine. Big deal.
This massive country consisting of 50 states and over 280 million people is divided into several regions, and every single race and ethnic group resides within the United States of America. Every kind of religion and language is found in different parts of this fine country.
The regions include New England and the Mid-Atlantic States in the Northeast; The Deep South, Upper South (Tennessee/southernmost third of Kentucky), and the Lower Mississippi Valley in The South; The Ohio River Valley, Great Lakes States, the Upper Mississippi Valley, and the Northern Plains in The Midwest; The Rio Grande Valley, the Southern Plains, the Rocky Mountains, The Sonoran and Mojave Deserts, Lake Mead, and Los Angeles and San Diego metropolitan areas in southern California, all part of the Southwest; The Rocky Mountains sprawl over roughly six consecutive states, and extends well up into Canada. Finally, the Cascade Mountain Range, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helen's, and the Snake and Wilamette River Valleys make up the Pacific Northwest. The states of Alaska and Hawaii are located very far off the mainland of America. Alaska is adjacent to the western border of Canada and near the Arctic Ocean, while Hawaii is composed of a series of islands surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.
The United States is one of the greatest and most diverse nations on Earth.
by Republican Warrior March 23, 2005

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One of the greatest political commentators and analyzers of our time. Her name is also spelled as "Ann Coulter". Constantly barraged with attacks and insults because of her extreme-right opinions and views, this beautiful, blonde author of books like "Slander" and "How To Talk To A Liberal" is more intelligent and accurate than many people give her credit for.
Hate her or love her, Anne Coulter tells it like it is.
by Republican Warrior February 17, 2005

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