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A complete and utter moron. A dumbass or idiot. A individual with a very low IQ. A person(s) with nothing to offer in a legitimate conversation.
If speaking randomly and out of context was a sport,,, you would take the cake asshat.
Or; thank for wasting my time that I can never get back, you f@cking asshat!
by Reno/flex February 21, 2015

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Unintentionally getting your pubic hair caught, snagged or stuck in a zipper while zipping up your pants or shorts.
The hippy chick that never shaves or grooms herself has the shaolin shackles and now needs a pair of scissors to free her pubic hair from the shorts she is wearing.
by Reno/flex March 21, 2015

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Porchehula.- pronounced {Por~Chuh~La} ;. Getting caught having sex in a outdoor place or public setting.
Example; Our neighbors viewed are porchehulu activities from beyond the fence. Or, we witnessed a porchehula in the back of a SUV & laughed.
by Reno/flex September 24, 2016

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No one is there. A constant trying to contact a person with zero replies back.
I tried to contact a coworker about a issue, but he went Bueller on me. Or; my girlfriend and I had an argument last night, & now I'm going to Bueller every single phone call & text that she sends me.
by Reno/flex August 18, 2017

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To use people or to borrow money. Credit. Lend.Venture. Not Profitable. To receive. Never get back. Lend. Borrow. Dead beat. skip. payments. loan.
We loaned $12,000 to that un greatful hump, and never got paid back. What a Jordanian Jockstrap asshole! Or; That Jordanian Jockstrap promised to pay for half the meal, but bailed and left us with the check to pay. What a Jordanian jockstrap piece of crap.
by Reno/flex June 17, 2018

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