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A complete and utter moron. A dumbass or idiot. A individual with a very low IQ. A person(s) with nothing to offer in a legitimate conversation.
If speaking randomly and out of context was a sport,,, you would take the cake asshat.
Or; thank for wasting my time that I can never get back, you f@cking asshat!
by Reno/flex February 21, 2015

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No one is there. A constant trying to contact a person with zero replies back.
I tried to contact a coworker about a issue, but he went Bueller on me. Or; my girlfriend and I had an argument last night, & now I'm going to Bueller every single phone call & text that she sends me.
by Reno/flex August 18, 2017

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Unintentionally getting your pubic hair caught, snagged or stuck in a zipper while zipping up your pants or shorts.
The hippy chick that never shaves or grooms herself has the shaolin shackles and now needs a pair of scissors to free her pubic hair from the shorts she is wearing.
by Reno/flex March 20, 2015

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Porchehula.- pronounced {Por~Chuh~La} ;. Getting caught having sex in a outdoor place or public setting.
Example; Our neighbors viewed are porchehulu activities from beyond the fence. Or, we witnessed a porchehula in the back of a SUV & laughed.
by Reno/flex February 06, 2016

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To use people or to borrow money. Credit. Lend.Venture. Not Profitable. To receive. Never get back. Lend. Borrow. Dead beat. skip. payments. loan.
We loaned $12,000 to that un greatful hump, and never got paid back. What a Jordanian Jockstrap asshole! Or; That Jordanian Jockstrap promised to pay for half the meal, but bailed and left us with the check to pay. What a Jordanian jockstrap piece of crap.
by Reno/flex June 17, 2018

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A sandwich, hamburger or wrap that makes a mess with dripping of fluid or sauce. Spills and splashes of liquid that fall from the sandwich and land on your clothes and leaves stains. Food that drips sauce, grease or other liquid on your clothes. The Dirty Reuben originates from the Reuben sandwich, which is messy sometimes.
You were enjoying a hamburger until the the toppings fell out the bottom and made a Dirty Reuben on your shirt.

Or; You bit into a meatball sub that gushed sauce on to your face & clothes. Leaving you in a dirty Reuben moment.
by Reno/flex December 08, 2018

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Joe Biden's base supporters. A person that will follow and agree with everything Joe Biden decides.
The Bidenets will always back Joe Biden decisions 100%.
by Reno/flex December 27, 2020

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