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A very popular phone number that will guarantee you'll get calls day or night by some 80's reject and urban myth lovers, horny teens, and foolish college students calling this number across the areas that have 7-digit phone numbers (minus the area code) to as for Jenny. If you get offered this number by your phone company kindly tell them NO or you will get pranked day and night by idiots. At one time what MONTANA did was make it where it was a number changed recording that stated that the number dialed 867-5309 has been changed the new number is 876-5309 thus caused a loop of "blonds" to keep calling back. In Oregon 503, a guy has the number and an answering device that says "This is Jenny...*want the rest call it*" in Washington's rich area code 425, it has a bad cover singing it. Call all the area codes you can you'll find a plathora of nostalgia lovers, or just plain crazy version of this popular number. To think this song 867-5309/ Jenny is still revelant today being that the song came out in 1981 and it is 2015.... People grow the hell up and get on with life.
Dude 1: Hey Jenny?
Jenny: Yes?
Dude 2: We wanna know is your phone number 867-5309?
Jenny (With an evil grin): Yes it is but don't call my very rich and strong husband do not like people pranking us!

Dude 1 and 2: Whoa I think we will not call.
by Renegade from Tacoma August 04, 2015

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A day where a bunch of zombies sit down and watch a bunch of hot and sweaty guys slam into each other while fondleling the ball. They do this evey year and it is so big that companies pay a million dollars per ad because they think the watchers will go out and buy a snickers.
Dude did you see those two guys kiss while eating a Snickers bar? It was so homosexial that they had to rip cheat hair off to seem manly during Super Bowl Sunday?
by Renegade from Tacoma February 05, 2012

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