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A polititard is someone who brings politics up in every situation, including situations where it doesn't even make any sense and/or situations where people don't want to talk about politics. Polititards are super annoying and cringy. Polititards have multiplied exponentially in the age of social media. Polititards are hypocrites as well: it's not okay to bring up politics unless it's politics that the polititard agrees with. In reality, most people just want to live their lives and don't give a shit about politics at all.
The polititard managed to bring up politics when we were talking about fantasy football

I just wanted to have a nice thanksgiving, but my polititard uncle wouldn't shut up about politics
by Rene D. November 14, 2021
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A totally nonsensical and asinine belief (of many Americans) that freedom means you can literally do anything you want, including violating other peoples' rights.
I have the freedumb to give you a disease!

I have the freedumb to kill you!
by Rene D. July 9, 2021
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