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Anna Nicole Smith is some lady who married an eighty year old amish person with old timers just to get 250 million $$. Not for love. Money. You dont friggen marry someone and spend the rest of your life with them so you can get those new Jimmy fucken choos... oops, getting off track.
On The honey moon: While grandpa drooled and tried to get a boner, Anna Nicole Smith got breast implants, a face lift, orange paint spewed all over her, a dye job, new jimmy choos, a rainbow dildo (since her lover ran out of viagara), and a kid from Tanzania
by Renaa August 15, 2006
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The boy who looks under a girl skirt, gets a hooker to satisfy his sick urges while his wife (who he is going to leave soon) is pregnant, the boy who dumps a girl if she refuses to let him slip a hand somewhere, dumps a girl AFTER she has sex with him, has HIGH standards, looks a girls as nothing but a sex tool, (at least the 'hot ones) and uses the c-word and pusssy almost 9304839028 times a minute
the chauvinist pig down the street went out with my friend, had sex with her, then dumped her and told her she was a bad lay and peice of sh*t, then spread rumors about her now she's my only friend. Sounds hot!
by Renaa August 15, 2006
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A "bitch": A lady (and rarely a guy)who their pimps or husbands or watever look at as some sort of slave and she never complains and says no, and pretends to enjoy giving blumpkins and washing the dishes and having sex wherever whenever and looking after sixteen miniature poodles and being slapped every now and then. Gee... what a great life girls have these days, eh? A "bitch" is a degrading thing to have
"My bitch is fantastic, and she gives good-"
"Dude dont be stupid you dont even know her middle name!!!"
A "bitch"
by Renaa August 15, 2006
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