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A trait shared by two or more objects having the same quantity, but not necessarily sharing the same other qualities.

Quality -> Equal -> Equality
Quantity -> Equan -> Equantity

Two cereal boxes of different brands may not share the same box artwork, cereal flavor or type, but they have the same amount of cereal in them - Therefore, they are equan.
1 - Dude, those two vending machines are equan.

2 - What?
by RektSkrubs June 29, 2019
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A GPU released in 2016.

It's not as good as a GTX 1080 or 1080ti, but gets the job done at 1080p 144Hz and 1440p 60Hz. (Ultra Settings)
-Wow, I just bought 4 GTX 1070's to put in SLI!

>You know most games can't use more than 2?

by RektSkrubs February 27, 2017
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A divine number that originated from a person who faked trying to recreate the track, MEGALOVANIA, by just posting the original with filters and saying it took him 117 tries to get there, when in reality it took him 5 whole minutes. Everyone had believed him at first, but when the truth came out, everyone quickly hated him.

To this day, anyone involved notices 117 any time it comes up anywhere, such as seeing it as the time or by chance online or in the real world. Some say it will haunt the person for their entire life.
Hey man, I just can't stop seeing the number 117 everywhere... The clocks, random text, it just seems to follow me everywhere...
by RektSkrubs March 7, 2021
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Taking a REALLY nasty dump that makes you feel like you've placed yourself in the middle of a disgusting, steamy bog. A truly record-breaking shit that you will probably never be able to pull off again. No amount of doors can be opened to air the place out. You're just gonna have to ride this one out.
2: What's that smell?
1: Sorry, took a bog shit the other day.
by RektSkrubs December 3, 2021
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The emote for the one true, good camel. It is said that there is a holy aura around this icon and its existence. Ones who choose to use the bactrian camel are either uncultured or use it in malice as they are evil.

Origins for widespread use of the icon date back to 2020 Discord, whether it be used alone in a message for comedic value, used in a reaction for a meaningless (or sometimes stoic) emotion, or paired with a message for given effect.
-"I shit my pants"



🐪 I shit my pants
by RektSkrubs April 12, 2021
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